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~A Fool and His Money Soon Part~ Anonymous, I suppose…

“I’d pay a lot of money to whoever could explain that!” Homer Simpson

“As a reader, I assume many lives. As a listener to the bard, I am swept into worlds far beyond my imagination. As a writer, I am the sage and the bard.” T.A. Walters

So recently I have discovered audiobooks and enjoy them immensely because often is the case I do not have the luxury to relax with a book. I am hoping to expand my writing in that direction and create adaptations based on my novels. Kind of a slow process, but well worth it to me; whether or not it pays royalties, I care not.

Jumping away from the subject of royalties, I’d like to share with you a dystopian world where desperate people left with nothing, come together and fight foreign enemies who have invaded our shores.  Three nations have conspired to take American down and as many of our people as possible. The occupation of America represents a battlefront not experienced since the founding of this country and the liberation from England in 1776 AD, hence the title of my latest novel ‘Patriot Son.’

I began the idea for this story by debating among friends with the idle expression, “Would it be possible that the next big war is staged on American soil?”

Never before had such a question come to mind as this one has lately. And why is that? I believe it to be that never before has America been socially torn apart as it is now. Neighbors bickering and disrespecting one another to the point of spitting in one’s face. Over what? Think about it. Over what?”

We, the so pious ones claim to be holy and popular at the same time? We champion against such things as bull-isms and yet turnaround and bully our neighbors by calling them names? Racists, bigots, and misogynists. We pride our sports figures and role models, and yet they arrogantly take a ‘knee’ in front of the children who pledge their hearts to this great nation while waving miniature American flags.

Sports Role Model

We’ve become hypocrites and laughing stocks to the third world nations who want to destroy us … who wait patiently while we become self-absorbed in the nonsense of hatred and spite for one another.

Yes hand over your 2nd Amendment Rights. Become sheep primed for the slaughter, because believe me, brother and sisters … it’s coming. Do not fear guns … fear the government that fears your guns.

So in my dystopian world comes the real possibility of America being taken down and destroyed while we suck our thumbs. Patriot Son is a frightening look at what could easily happen. Just take a look at some of the reviews written by those who have read it.

Patriot Son Reviews

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